Thankfully Reading Saturday & Sunday Plus Wrap Up

First I want say thanks to

Jenn's Bookshelves,

Beth Fish Reads


Devourer of Books

for hosting this weekend. It was a wonderful idea and definitely inspired me to read more! Let me share my readings for the rest of the weekend and then do a quick wrap up.

Saturday, November 28th

I finished

Sisterchicks Go Brit

right after breakfast. I ended up really enjoying the book. They visited a lot of sites in London that I remember visiting on my trip 10 years ago(Oh my God was that TEN years ago!!??). It brought back a lot of wonderful memories. After I finished that book I decided I had to start re reading the


high school books again. I went on a hunt for

Betsy Was a Junior

so I would have that before I started reading

Heaven to Betsy

. Shockingly I found it in the second stack of books I looked through. Miracle! So my fourth book was

Heaven to Betsy

by Maud Hart Lovelace.

As I have said many times in this blog I love the Betsy-Tacy books. I love how these books are based in the early 1900's but they feel so fresh and I can relate to them easily. Betsy is a freshmen in high school in this book and I love reading about the changes she goes through with moving to a new house, making new friends while still retaining her old friends, falling in & out of love and making decisions about pulling away from her parents religion. Sound familiar? Probably so because I am sure most people go through these feelings. I love this book and even though I have read it over ten times I still thrill at every word(yes I am a dork!). I read almost the whole book but left two chapter to finish on Sunday.

Sunday, November 28th

I knew Sunday would be my lowest read day because I had to work that morning. After freezing to death for 6 hours I finally got home around one, fixed myself a Thanksgiving left over plate and settled down to finish

Heaven to Betsy

. It ended like it always does and I moved on to the next book. I decided to wait to pick up on the next Betsy-Tacy books until Christmas break. I went to my TBR pile and chose

Heaven's Wager


Ted Dekker


Heaven's Wager

is in the

Martyr's Song series

. I read the first book Martyr's Song and it was really good. This book is good but a little sad. It is about a man who has invented a new banking system and is about to become a multi-millionaire. He is on the top of the world and his life is going to change forever. Of course I knew this was too good to be true. You know in books when everyone is too happy that something bad is going to happen. It is interesting because his wife, son and mother-in-law keep getting glimpses into heaven. It will be interesting to see what happens in the book. I made it through about one hundred pages before I decided I needed to actually spend some time with my husband:-)

Wrap Up

So I only read four books and a little part of a fifth. That is not as many as I thought I would read. I deliberately didn't set a goal for myself. I felt like I wanted to relax and just read for enjoyment not to make some goal. All the books I read, except one, were books in my TBR pile. I have a bad habit of re-reading books instead of going to my TBR pile so that was good. I spent quite a few hours on my books. Probably too many in my husband's opinion! This was a great weekend and participating the Thankfully Reading Weekend was so fun!