2011 Audio Book Challenge March-July

Once again I am very behind in my posts. I have listened to quite a few audio books in the last few months.

7. Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte. After enjoying Jane Eyre so much I figured I would also give this book another chance. However I still didn't like Wuthering Heights. SO depressing. And why in the world is Mr. Heathcliff looked upon as a romantic figure? He is terrible!
8. The People of Sparks Jeanne DuPrau. I enjoyed the sequel to the City of the Ember very much. It was better than the first book. It had more action and interesting characters.
9. Divine Justice David Baldacchi. This was another Camel Club book. Oliver Stone is on the run after killing two important people. I like this book because he is put into this new setting with some really good new characters.
10. Inkspell Cornelia Funke. This was the sequel to Inkheart and I loved it!! The book was read by Brandan Fraser and he did a terrific job. He had an amazing voice for each character. The book was mesmerizing and I hated when it was over.

11. Hothouse Orchid Stuart Woods. I said I wouldn't read one of his books again because they are annoying. And I did. And I disliked it! This is my last Stuart Woods book I promise!

12. Avalon High Meg Cabot. Anyone who knows me knows I love young adult books. I love Meg Cabot Princess Diaries books so I decided to give Avalon High a listen. It was a pretty decent and enjoyable book. It was a modern day retelling of the King Arthur story.
13. The Spy Clive Cussler. This is from the Isaac Bell adventures. I enjoyed this as I do all Cussler's adventure/suspense stories. It got a little corny in some places but that is to be expected with his books!

14. The Collectors David Baldacchi. Another Camel Club book this one is before the last few I have read. It is the book that introduced Annabelle to the Camel Club. I already knew what happened so that made it a little less exciting than some of his other books but I still enjoyed it.
Since I passed my last challenge I will try for the last one of Obsessed which is 25 audiobooks. I am currently listening to two good audiobooks: one on my ipod and one in my car. I will do a new post when I finish those. Or in 2-3 months:-)