Getting Ready for the Holidays!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love getting together with family, eating lots and just having a wonderful day full of laughter. Thanksgiving has changed over the years but I am actually finding I am enjoying it more when I am cooking. It is a sense of pride and accomplishment when my grandmother and aunt proclaims one of my dishes delicious. High praise indeed from those culinary experts! The last few years has also been fun participating in Thankfully Reading and I am looking forward to that as well. Although, I have realized that all the leisure time I was planning was not to be as I overbooked myself. But still there should be some time to squeak in some reading. I plan on starting Thankfully Reading on Wednesday since that is my cooking day. I actually picked some books out to read which I usually don't do. But I am also allowing myself to change my mind if I want to. I would love to read 4 books this weekend. That might be stretching it a bit but we shall see!
I finished the last Matched trilogy book last night. I bought it the day it came out and started reading it. But I soon realized I couldn't remember what happened in the first two books. So I went back and read Matched on my Nook and then listened to Crossed on Audible. I felt the same way about Reached as I did about Crossed. It was ok but nothing special. I loved Matched and thought it was terrific and fascinating. But the last two books were entertaining but just didn't grab me. 
I am reading The Passage now. I have been reading this book for three or four months. I am struggling getting through. I feel like the first half of the book was just setting up the second half and dragged on way too long. The book is finally picking up and starting to hold my attention. I will probably try to finish it this week. I have 300 or so pages left. 
Today I have a photo shoot and have to go to the grocery store so time to start my day!