Thankfully Reading Weekend: Saturday

9:30 am
I am looking forward to getting in some good reading today before my photo shoot this afternoon. My husband is helping a friend move in to his new house today which means that I get tons of uninterrupted reading time! My first read this morning will be The Sinatra Club. I am really interested to find out what led Sal Polisi to write this tell all book. I assume he gets busted for his mob activities.

11:30 pm
Today was so busy! I finally finished The Sinatra Club. It was so good! Was very interesting to find out all the inside scoop. I also spent some time listening to more of The Three Musketeers audiobook.

What is your favorite bookish memory?
I would have to say one of my favorite bookish memories is that we were allowed to read at the dinner table. Most families would have frowned on that but we were able to have our books while we were eating. I appreciate the fact that my patents did everything they could to encourage us to read.