Bad Blogger Part Two

Wow I am really terrible at blogging unless its for business purposes. It has been a long time since I have checked in on here. It has been a busy year with lots of photo shoots, business building, family time, decorating new house etc. It has been another slow year in reading books.

 I have been reading a lot of business books about photography and marketing. One of the best I read was The Photographer's MBA by Sal Cincotta. Such a terrific book and so helpful to my business. I also love David DuChemin's books about photography vision.

I enjoyed listening to The Three Musketeers. through my Librivox app. One of the best audiobook apps on the iPhone! I love that book so much. I first read it when I was 10 and every time I read again I discover something new. I read The Silver Linings Playbook in one night. It was so fascinating and sucked me right in. I watched the movie the next night and boy did they ruin it. What a disappointment! I had to read The Great Gatsby again before the movie came out. I decided to try a different format so listened to the audiobook. God I love that book! It is so rich and lush. I actually adored the movie and thought it was an excellent portrayal. I read the Mortal Instruments series books 1-5. Someone suggested them to me since I loved the Hunger Games. They are nothing like the Hunger Games and the writing is pretty shoddy. But I did read all 5 so I guess that says something? I don't know.

One thing I love about my Nook is that you can sometimes find out of print books. Well I was super excited to find A Girl and Five Brave Horses by Senora Carver. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken was one of my favorite childhood movies and it is based on that (true story) book. It was such a good book! I also read Palisades Park which followed a family who worked at an amusement park during the world wars. It was so good!

I also got into reading the Game of Thrones books. They are very good. I love how the voice of each character slips around. It's almost like six books in one!

I have read a lot of YA books this year. Some good, some bad. I enjoyed the first two Caster Chronicles books. I devoured The Perks of Being A Wallflower. So, so good.

I finally read The Night Circus which I have been wanting to read forever based solely on the cover. It was so good! I enjoyed every minute of this unusual book.

I am currently reading seven different books as I just can't settle on one. This morning I started The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black and wow is it good so far! I am looking forward to the last Gallagher Girls book by Ally Carter being released on Tuesday. I will be sad to see that series come to an end.

Pretty sure I am doing some sort of challenge this year but I will have to go back and read my old blog posts to double check. Hopefully I will post again soon and not wait seven months!