Thankfully Reading Weekend 2014: Sunday

8:30 pm

It has been another crazy day. So much for a relaxing weekend of reading. But I had a wonderful day with my family. I spent this morning with my sister and then the rest of the day at my Grandmothers house. I had a

photo shoot

with my baby cousin and then helped my sisters decorate Grandmas Christmas tree.

It was definitely a fun day. But then we ended up getting stopped in terrible traffic on the way back so I just got home. I am 186 pages into


and it is really getting good. Finally some action is happening. I also started a new audiobook

The Wonderful Bed by Gertude Knevels

. It is a children's adventure book that reminds me a little of Narnia except they are accessing a secret world through a bed and not a wardrobe. I have

 to prepare for a photo shoot tomorrow so hopefully I can get more reading done after I finish that. I will check in later. 

10:20 pm

I finished Frostbite. I was a little disappointed that most of the book just led up to one big scene and that was pretty much it. I did enjoy the new characters and fleshing out the main characters more. I don't think this series is a trilogy which makes it a little more palatable to have a slower book. I will still read the next one but won't jump to grab it.

I am 150 pages in to

Deja Dead

. This book is a little slower for me to get into because the subject matter is pretty grisly and I don't want to read it at night. So far I am not really getting sucked into the story or writing style. I will keep reading it after this weekend and hopefully it will pick up.

I will try to do a

Thankfully Reading

wrap up post this week. It has been a great weekend and I am really sad it is over. 

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