Thankfully Reading Day 2

It has been a great day. It was far more relaxing than I anticipated. Instead of doing my cooking in one giant block I rationed it out over the day. I just took my last batch of pumpkin muffins out of the oven so I am officially done cooking. Of course I had to sample a muffin and they are delicious. Shhh don't tell. I finished Royal We and Nowhere But Here today. Loved Royal We. It was so good. The other book not so much but you can't win every one. I was listening to A Darker Shade of Magic while I cooked today and I am really getting into the story.

I am so excited to head to my parents tomorrow for our big family Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and it is definitely my favorite holiday. We always have a great time laughing, eating and enjoying being together. I probably won't read at all tomorrow but that's ok. I hope everyone has a terrific Thanksgiving!