My Love For Lucy Maud Montgomery Books

One of my favorite authors is Lucy Maud Montgomery. I love all her books and have been reading them since I was very young. But it may surprise you to hear that the Anne of Green Gables books are not my favorite. In fact they are pretty far down the list. It isn't that I don't like the books because I do. It's just that she has so many other books that are better. Here are my favorite L. M. Montgomery books or series in order:

1. The Blue Castle
2. Emily of New Moon books
3. Pat of Silver Bush books
4. Rilla of Ingleside (I know technically it is a part of the Anne series but I consider it a stand alone)
5. Kilmeny of the Orchard
6. The Golden Road
7. Magic for Marigold
8. Anne of Green Gables books
9. Jane of Lantern Hill
10. The Story Girl
11. Chronicles of Avonlea
12. Further Chronicles of Avonlea

Today I want to talk about my favorite book. The reason I love The Blue Castle is because Valency gets to do what people dream of doing: Telling off people keeping you down and venturing into the world with no fear. Of course it is unlikely that she would have done this if it wasn't for the doctor's diagnosis. Because she has been given a death sentence she suddenly becomes free to do whatever she wants to do and really live her life for the first time. I love the word pictures in this book. This is what most attracts me to all of Montgomery's books. She paints these gorgeous word pictures that you can see in your head. For instance, when Valency first sees The Blue Castle: "There was a diaphanous lilac mist on the lake, shrouding the island. Through it the two enormous pine-trees that clasped hands over Barney's shack loomed out like dark turrets. Behind them was a sky still rose-hued in the after light, and a pale young moon." I can just see that in my head. It is beautiful. I love her flowery language. It may seem overdone to some people today but I have always thought it beautiful. I am currently rereading this book so finding lots of good quotations this morning.

"Love! What a searing, torturing, intolerably sweet thing it was--this possession of body, soul and mind."

"Sometimes the pine boughs tapped against the panes with friendly signals. Sometimes she heard the little hissing whisper of snow against them right at her side. Some nights the whole outer world seemed given over to the empery of silence; then came nights when there would be a majestic sweep of wind pines: nights of dear starlight when it whistled freakishly and joyously around the Blue Castle; brooding nights before storm when it crept along the floor of the lake with a low, wailing cry of brooding and mystery."

I think the beauty of L.M. Montgomery's books are the love and sympathy you always feel for her heroines. They all come from sad backgrounds and a lot of them are orphans. They have to pick themselves up and keep moving on no matter what tragic circumstances happen. L.M. Montgomery has lots of wisdom to impart through her words and books!

If you have never read L.M. Montgomery I suggest you do so as soon as possible. She will open up a beautiful world to you. If you have read her books please tell me in the comments below what your favorite book is and why. And if you haven't get started reading today!