My Favorite Book Apps

Although I love paper books my house is completely overrun with books. The emergence of technologies such as ebooks has been helpful in keeping my husband happier with less physical books strewn around. But my favorite technology right now are my book apps on my iPhone. I wanted to share my three favorite book apps with you today.

Goodreads: Of course this is my number one favorite app. I use this at least once a day if not more. It is a condensed version of their regular website. I use this to track all my books that I am reading, scan books in bookstores that I want to read and look up book reviews. Plus, when I am at the library I can look up books on my to read list to check out. Also, the app has a library of public domain ebooks. I don't love reading an actual book on my iPhone since the screen is so small but I definitely will on my iPad. 

Overdrive: This app works in conjunction with my local library. It has a database of audiobook and ebooks. I absolutely love this app! I listen to audiobooks whenever I am cleaning or editing photos. They have a decent selection based on the particular library you are a member of. Check out your library to see if they participate with Overdrive.

Free Audiobooks: This is one of my favorite apps because it is a bunch of free public domain audiobooks. Librivox is a website that offers free public domain audiobooks read by members of their community. This is so amazing and I love it. You can also volunteer to be a reader! Some of the readers can make you wish the chapter was over more quickly but I am not complaining over this wonderful free service. Definitely check it out!

I would love to hear about your favorite book apps.  I always have room for more! Tell me your favorite apps in the comments and thanks for reading.